Thursday, June 28, 2012


Advertising is everything........we hear all the time that it costs money to make money......BUT....... advertising to create your brand and getting started as a small business as an artist is the hardest thing. Where do you start?

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but it will give you some starting points and there are new sites being created all the time. If you notice any of these sites are no longer free, please let me know so I can update the information. I will add 5 sites at a time to make checking each one out easier.

add me
You can make boards and treasuries, add friends, follow others and you can pin and repin items you like and others can do it for you.

Whats cool: Once you have created a board, you can also add your own items too as long as your focus is not entirely self promotion.

Not so cool: It takes a while to build up a big following of your board, but the more content and boards you have that are well labelled, the more pinners you have repinning or liking your items

Upload an item to a main category for free to get a chance to be featured for a month. This links to your website when you click on the picture.

Whats cool: you get a little tag you can add to your pics anytime you are chosen.You can also upload a new pic every 24 hours and your image is clickable to your Etsy shop. Then you can use the tag shown on my Etsy shop for advertising.

Not so cool: The pictures have to be a very specific size for best display. It took me 4 times to get it right. You have to keep checking back to see if you were accepted but I got my Sleeping Hummingbird featured last month.


Add your shop to the list, choose a $ range where some of your items fits in and then on that day they will randomly pick one of your items and post it with another artist to 'which one do you like best'.

Whats cool: you can also promote a discount while being featured

Not so cool: you don't get any choice in what they pick other than $ range

Add your shop to be included in their free directory

Whats cool: you can list all the types of items you carry in your shop and the link is clickable right to your Etsy shop

Not so cool: you can't add your logo for branding yet, and the site is down temporarily to add your shop

Any handmade items will be featured after you submit a request

Whats cool: you can use this to feature any site, Artfire, website, Etsy, etc., and you can submit multiple items.

Not so cool: there seems to be some issues with picture sizes that you add and does not tell you if the item didn't submit so you will have to check back

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