Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Her first name really IS Princess! Welcome Princess Mia, and thanks so much for teaming up with us for offering this wonderful giveaway!

PRIZE: Set of two 4x6 art prints Girl with Flowers and Naked & Vulnerable
VALUE: $15 and includes shipping to the winner. Enter below.


Name of your shop: ArtofPrincessMia

DISCOUNT OFFERED ON ETSY: Use Y4Yv3nu513l06 at checkout for 15% off any item

What types of items do you sell?

I sell original artwork illustrations and paintings and art prints of different sizes, including ACEO's that are available in either glossy or matted.

What item is your favorite item in it and why?

This is one of my favorite prints. I love the overall look to it and how it turned out as a print. I was very proud in the process and the creation of this piece because of the colors and how beautiful it turned out to be. This was actually the first piece I put flowers in and I was worried that the flowers would just be too much on this piece but I think it adds more to the beauty of the finished work. I feel that this is one of the prettiest pieces in my shop.


Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from mainly from my emotions, feelings and stories. I like to give life to these component human forms to enhance the way people understand each other. We can feel and hear emotions and stories that others tell us and this allows me to create a visual representation of them in order to show the creation of my inspiration. I think about how loneliness feels and what I think it looks like, and how being angry and happiness appear to be in my mind and have the story behind it follow after. I am also inspired by the inner workings of the human body since we all gaze at the physical appearance of people but never the true inner beauty inside of them. I try to have my art allow people to show through and see their true selves by viewing my work.

What hints or tips do you have for a new artist?

First, try to establish a style. You want people to look at your work and instantly know who created it and have them perceive you through your art.
Do your research! If you want to sell locally or if you want to sell online, you must have a plan. If you are going to sell locally, try to establish the best venue for showcasing your art. Look for the unique display by asking at restaurants or other selling venues if you can post your work on your walls. Check out your community for local craft fairs.

If you plan to focus on selling your artwork online, do research on different selling venues, and you must learn about SEO (search engine optimization). This is the first major thing that you should learn. Start a blog and find sites to promote on like Facebook, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, since there are numerous sites to feature and display your art. If it’s free, GO FOR IT. You have nothing to lose except time and constantly promote your work by ALWAYS updating regularly to establish followers. An active site is one that ones will want to bookmark to see what you have created next.

Where do you advertise and do you find it successful?

I advertise pretty much anywhere that is free. If you’re an artist you should always try portfolio community art sites like Behance or Deviantart where you can create online galleries. I have gotten many views from those sites but mostly from Deviantart.

Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Weheartit, Stumbleupon and any bookmarking image sites are perfect for a new artist to get their pieces going viral. Youtube is also a great way of promotion if you are able to keep your videos entertaining. Making a video showing you creating your craft and explain it in the end if you need to add more information. If you create a blog, make sure they are search engine friendly! Learn about SEO and post new items regularly, but don’t burn out and post when you don’t want to or you may end up with lower quality posts. You can post your videos, new listings, work in progress, new projects and tips for other artist as well as news about you. Everyone wants to know the artist behind the artwork as well. I found advertising very successful and have gotten to work with record companies, was featured in an online magazine and much more JUST by promoting my work!

What is the one tool or item you can’t live without in your shop and why?

I honestly cannot live without the help of my laptop! My art allows me self expression and my laptop gives me opportunities beyond my walls of where I am at the time. It’s beautiful!

The above print and this one are offered for the giveaway!


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  1. I have been following Princess Mia from the beginning and love her work. It's been great to watch her develop as an artist and launching her work to the world.
    I'd love to win some of her art. it is amazing