Sunday, July 1, 2012

Paving the way with Pinterest…

I know that I thought at first I thought that it was just another gimmick that would quickly die out, until I saw big brands using a PIN ME link on their sites as a way to encourage you to add your favorite links to your board which led me to explore Pinning as the newest wave of marketing.

I started halfheartedly, originally making a board to support TEAM VENUS ON ETSY, and would add cool items from their shops as their newest sparkly things caught my eye.

Then we created a board with two fantastic photographers HbPhotographs and twistedpixelstudio , who spent a lot of time pinning our second Tophatter auction listings on a Pinterest board to be shared with any member that sent their links, so it was also posted on each persons wall. This allowed all of our unique team members items to be seen! The list included handmade pottery, crocheted items, OOAK jewelry, limited edition ACEO's, craft and jewelry supplies, spices, food artisans and more. There is a cool email feature that can also alert you every time someone likes, adds you or repins any of the listings and the repins were steady! To be fair though there was only about one tenth of the member shops that participated in it, and I found that a lot of people had also not seen the benefit of pursuing Pinterest just yet.

My biggest encouragement was when I added my newest pendant on Etsy, and like any artist, originally unsure about its presence, until I pinned it. Within one hour, it had been pinned multiple times as well as I sold TWO the first hour!! So THIS is what Pinterest is all about! I am now a full solid believer that incorporating Pinning as part of your regular social media marketing for artisans and crafters is the newest trend that is here to stay.

I am in the process of researching valuable tools that I can share to help you along with your Pinterest marketing.

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