Monday, July 2, 2012

Using Pinterest To Market Your Business

Pinterest is quickly growing as one of the newest useful marketing tools. This extremely interactive site allows you to follow others, like and repin items that interest you as well as broadening your networks by interacting with other users.

It has now been ranked the #4 social media marketing site even beating out Google according to Experian Marketing.

1. Add a Pinterest or PinIt Button on your website or blog, with their goodies page . This makes it easy for your shoppers to add an item to share

2. Growing your boards will help establish your online presence. Following brands and watching for popular pins will help you gain insight on what the community tends to favour. Creating fun boards and repinning popular trends will quickly increase your followers who will also have exposure to your shop items as well.

Create fun theme based boards such as Edibles, Recipes to share, DIY pages and Seasonal themes. Share boards by adding family, friends and community members and you can all add items to boards and get exposure to each members followers.

3. Make it easy to Pin anything that catches your eye on the internet by installing the Pin it link to your bookmarks bar. This will automatically credit the artist or original creator of your pin. Add it from the Pinterest goodies page

4. Add links and keywords to your items to make it easier for users to find you. There is no limit to how many keywords you can add but don't add too many or you may end up looking like spam. An example would be adding #food, #chicken, #thai to a pin about a recipe.

Creating boards that also include your items is great as long as you don't only promote your own items or users will quickly lose interest. You can include the URL to your website, blogs, facebook fan pages and twitter in your pin description to gain even more exposure when anyone repins or likes your links.

5. Creating team community boards

As long as you follow at least one board from another user, you can add them onto a community board. For example, I was invited to join a 4th of July board of over 100 users. I can pin items to this board and anything I pin is also seen and shown on their profiles by the 100 other members that are also on the board.

Just go to the board you want to share, click the edit button in the top right hand corner and change the setting that says Just me to Just me + contributors. The detailed information is available on their help page.

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  1. Thanks for this informative post. I joined Pin Interest but definitely haven't made the most of it. Some good ideas.

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